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The Anne Frank House provides an immersive experience for visitors to understand Anne’s story through quotes, images, videos, and artifacts. The museum has a solemn yet authentic atmosphere. On July 6th, 1942, the Frank family went into hiding in the secret annex at Prinsengracht 263, where Otto Frank’s business was located. Later, they were joined by Fritz Pfeffer and the Van Pels family

The building consisted of the main house and the annex. The annex’s upper floors housed the eight people in hiding. Anne had to share a small room with Fritz Pfeffer, which often led to arguments, as she struggled with being confined indoors. Writing in her diary provided an outlet for Anne. To brighten the space, she put up pictures on the walls.


The Secret Annex immerses you in the harrowing true story of Anne Frank. Through preserved rooms and diaries, her circumstance becomes personal – innocence lost to unthinkable hatred, yet moral courage thriving in darkness. Anne’s voice emerges from these walls to drive home why we must never forget.

  • See the hidden bookcase entrance to the Secret Annex where the Franks hid from the Nazis
  • Climb up a steep staircase to the tiny, confined rooms housing 8 Jews for over 2 years
  • Look into Anne Frank’s bedroom with her movie star photos and diary she wrote faithfully
  • Appreciate how the brave helpers risked their lives to provide food and supplies
  • Reflect on Anne’s inspiring spirit and message of hope despite the constant threat she faced


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  • Audio Guide
  • In Person Guide

Tour Plan

What to expect

Climb the steep staircase to the tiny rooms where eight Jews took refuge. Peer into Anne's bedroom, still adorned with movie star photos she pasted to the wall. Imagine Anne quietly writing in her diary as you witness the Secret Annex's hidden entryway and cleverly camouflaged bookcase.

Experience just how confined the living space was. Though in constant danger of discovery, Anne filled her days with reading, studying and hopes of becoming a writer. The diaries she penned here chronicle her dreams along with the fear and deprivation endured by all.

Reflect on Anne’s legacy of courage and resilience. Though the Frank family’s eventual capture ended tragically, Anne’s message of belief in the goodness of people lives on for visitors here today.

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  • Westermarkt 20, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands

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