Amsterdam, a city popular for its rich history, stunning canals, and vibrant cultural scene, is a great destination for families looking for a memorable vacation. Despite the hustle and bustle of your daily work life, taking time out to explore this ancient city with your family can be both refreshing and educational. This guide aims to help you find things to do in Amsterdam with family, ensuring your trip is packed with fun, learning, and relaxation.

Places To Visit In Amsterdam With Family

1. Vondelpark

Content Image Vondelpark

Vondelpark, the largest and most popular park in Amsterdam, is a wonderful spot for families. With its wide-open spaces, playgrounds, and charming cafes, the park is ideal for a picnic or a stroll. Don’t miss the open-air theatre, which hosts free children’s shows from May through September.

2. Artis Royal Zoo

Content Image Artis Royal zoo

Explore the wonders of wildlife at the Artis Royal Zoo. Home to over 700 species of animals and a beautiful aquarium, the zoo is educational and an attraction for all ages. The zoo also features historical buildings and statues, adding a touch of Amsterdam’s history to your hassle-free visit.

3. NEMO Science Museum

Content Image NEMO Science museum

Curiosity seekers will find paradise and things to do in Amsterdam with family at the NEMO Science Museum. It is a perfect address where science is brought to life with its attractions, displays, and experiments. The museum’s interactive nature makes it a hit among kids and adults alike.

4. Anne Frank House

Content Image Anne Frank House

If you are a history lover, visit the Anne Frank House. While the story is poignant, it’s an important part of Amsterdam’s history. The museum is best suited for older children who can understand and appreciate the historical significance.

5. Canal Cruise

Content Image Canal cruise

A trip to Amsterdam would be incomplete without a canal cruise. It’s a relaxing way to watch the city’s wonderful houses, bridges, and waterways. Many operators offer special family-friendly tours with engaging explanations for children.

Where To Stay In Amsterdam With Family

1. City Center: Staying in the city center means you’re near to major great attractions like Dam Square and the Royal Palace. It’s a convenient option for families who want to be in the heart of the action.

2. Jordaan: Go to the Jordaan area if you want a more relaxed vibe. With its charming canals and quirky shops, it offers charming and authentic things to do in Amsterdam with family.

3. De Pijp: De Pijp is popular for its diverse culture and is adjacent to the ancient Albert Cuyp Market. It’s the latest area for families who enjoy exploring various cuisines and vibrant street markets.

Top Attractions of Amsterdam

1. The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is a must-visit for art lovers. Housing works by Dutch masters like Rembrandt, it delivers a cultural feast for the eyes.

2. Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds delivers a fun, interactive experience with wax figures of celebrities and prominent historical figures. Both adults and children find it famous.

3. The Amsterdam Dungeon

Families with older children can enjoy an exciting journey through the dark history of the city with live actors and special effects at the Amsterdam Dungeon.

4. The Pancake Boat

On the pancake Boat, enjoy delectable cuisine along with sightseeing. You can enjoy unlimited pancakes as you cruise along the Amsterdam canals.

Things to do in Amsterdam  with Family

1. Plan Ahead: With kids, it’s necessary to have a flexible but well-thought-out itinerary. Book tickets in advance through Tours Travel Finder to popular attractions in advance to avoid long lines.

2. Stay connected: To stay connected and move around the city with ease, think about renting a portable Wi-Fi device.

3. Local Transport: Make use of Amsterdam’s wonderful public transportation system. It’s easy, and children often travel at reduced fares.

4. Accommodation: Choose family-friendly accommodations with amenities like kitchenettes and extra space.

5. Dining: Amsterdam is full of kid-friendly restaurants. Stroopwafels and Dutch pancakes are a must-try.

6. Safety: Always try to keep an eye on your bag, and belongings, and educate your children about staying safe in crowded places.

7. Show Respect for Culture: Teach your kids about regional traditions and show consideration for Amsterdam’s citizens.

8. Relax and Enjoy: Never forget, that vacations are for relaxation. Take time to simply wander and soak in the beauty of Amsterdam.

Enjoy with family Local Festivals and Events in Amsterdam

Families can enjoy a variety of experiences at the many festivals and events held throughout the year in Amsterdam, a city known for its vibrant cultural scene. In addition to being entertaining, these events provide a glimpse into the city’s rich traditions and contemporary way of life. You will learn more about family-friendly activities in Amsterdam from this.

1. King’s Day (Koningsdag)

  • Month: April 27
  • Details: King’s Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands, celebrated with much enthusiasm in Amsterdam. For the King’s birthday, the city becomes a thriving orange sea, with everyone dressing in the national hue. Street markets, outdoor concerts, and a variety of entertaining kid-friendly events are available to families. It’s a great way to experience Dutch culture and festivity.

2. Tulip Festival

  • Month: April
  • Details: Tulips are always in season in Amsterdam in April. The Tulip Festival celebrates the iconic flower, with over 800,000 tulips blooming in various public spaces across the city. Families have a wonderful chance to see these flowers’ breathtaking beauty and discover their significance in Dutch history.

3. Grachtenfestival (Canal Festival)

  • Month: August
  • Details: A ten-day music festival along Amsterdam’s canals, the Grachtenfestival takes place at various unusual locations. It’s an excellent event for families who enjoy music, offering everything from classical and jazz to contemporary performances. Many concerts are free and set against the backdrop of the city’s picturesque waterways.

4. Sinterklaas Parade

  • Month: Mid-November
  • Details: The Sinterklaas Parade is a delightful event for children, marking the arrival of Saint Nicholas and his helpers to Amsterdam. A boat procession through the canals is the first part of the parade, which is followed by a joyous march through the city streets. With traditional songs and pepernoten (spicy cookies), it is a magical experience. 

5. Uitmarkt

  • Month: Late August
  • Details: The cultural season in Amsterdam begins on Uitmarkt. Performances by local and national theater companies, musicians, and artists are featured during this weekend-long celebration. It’s a family-friendly event with plenty of activities for kids, offering a taste of Amsterdam’s rich cultural landscape.

6. Amsterdam Light Festival

  • Month: December to January
  • Details: During the winter months, the Amsterdam Light Festival transforms the city into an outdoor gallery of light installations and artworks. Families can take a walking tour or a canal cruise to see these spectacular light displays. It’s a great way to explore the city during the colder months.

7. Food Festivals

  • Month: Various times throughout the year
  • Details: Amsterdam hosts numerous food festivals, giving visitors a chance to taste a variety of cuisines. From the “Rollende Keukens” (Rolling Kitchens) to the “Amsterdam Cheese Festival,” these events are best for families looking to indulge in both local and international culinary delights.

8. Children’s Film Festival (Cinekid)

  • Month: October
  • Details: Cinekid is one of the largest children’s media festivals in the world, featuring a wide range of films, workshops, and interactive installations designed specifically for kids. It’s a wonderful event for young film enthusiasts and a way for the family to enjoy storytelling through cinema.

9. Museum Night (Museumnacht)

  • Month: November
  • Details: Museum Night is an annual event where museums across Amsterdam open their doors at night, offering special programs and activities. It’s a unique opportunity for families to experience art, history, and culture in a fun and interactive setting.

10. Holland Festival

  • Month: June
  • Details: The Holland Festival is the country’s largest performing arts festival, presenting an array of international music, theater, dance, and opera. Many events are suitable for families, providing wonderful exposure to the performing arts.

Seasonal Activities for Families in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that adapts to the seasons and offers a wide range of family-friendly activities all year long. Whether it’s the bloom of spring or the cozy winter lights, every season brings its special charm and a host of activities for families to enjoy.


  • Keukenhof Gardens: Visit the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, near Amsterdam, during spring when the tulips are in full bloom. It’s a spectacular display of flowers, perfect for family walks and photo sessions.
  • Bike Tours: Spring is best for cycling around Amsterdam. Rent bikes and explore the city’s parks and countryside. Family-friendly bike tours are available that cater to all ages.
  • Vondelpark Open Air Theatre: From May, enjoy free performances at the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre, including children’s theatre, dance, music, and comedy shows.


  • City Beaches: Amsterdam has several urban beaches like Blijburg, Pllek, and StrandZuid, suitable for sunbathing, swimming, and building sandcastles.
  • Outdoor Festivals: Summer is the festival season in Amsterdam. Check out family-friendly events like Vondelpark Open Air Festival and Parade Amsterdam, offering theatre performances, music, and food stalls.
  • Boat Rental: Rent a boat and explore Amsterdam’s canals. Many companies offer boats that don’t require a license, and it’s a fun way for the family to see the city from a different perspective.


  • Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest): In autumn, the Amsterdam Forest is a spectacle of colors. It’s great for hiking, and biking, and has a playground and a petting zoo for children.
  • Apple Picking: Visit an orchard near Amsterdam for apple picking, a fun and tasty autumn activity for the whole family.

Enjoy a delicious and enjoyable fall activity with the whole family by going apple-picking at an orchard close to Amsterdam. 

  • Museum Visits: As the weather cools, it’s a great time to explore indoor attractions like the NEMO Science Museum, which is especially appealing to children with its interactive exhibits.


  • Ice Skating: In winter, ice rinks pop up around the city, like the one at Museumplein, delivering a quintessential Amsterdam winter experience.
  • Amsterdam Light Festival: Experience the city lit up with beautiful light installations and artworks. Opt for a walking tour or a canal cruise to see the light displays.
  • Sinterklaas and Christmas Markets: Embrace the festive spirit at the Sinterklaas parade and the various Christmas markets that appear in the city, offering food, gifts, and festive cheer.
  • New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Celebrate New Year’s Eve by watching the fireworks display over the Amstel River or at Nieuwmarkt.


What are the best family-friendly attractions in Amsterdam?

The Artis Zoo
NEMO Science Museum

Can you recommend any kid-friendly museums in Amsterdam?

The Tropenmuseum
The Anne Frank House
The Van Gogh Museum

Are there any outdoor activities for families in Amsterdam?

The Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) is great for hiking, and during the summer, the beaches at Zandvoort and Bloemendaa are just a train ride away.

Are there any amusement or theme parks near Amsterdam?

Yes, for a day of thrills, go to Efteling, the largest subject park in the Netherlands, recognized for its fairy-tale-themed rides and attractions. Closer to Amsterdam, Artis Zoo includes the Micropia Museum, a unique place wherein youngsters can learn about microorganisms.


Amsterdam is a city that welcomes families with open arms, offering a mix of educational, fun, and relaxing memories. It’s a place where lots of things to do in Amsterdam with family. Every family member, regardless of age, can explore something to enjoy. So, pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and get ready for a memorable adventure in the heart of the Netherlands. Make sure, the goal is to create long-lasting memories, so enjoy every moment of your family vacation in Amsterdam.