Have you ever cancelled your Picasso museum tour because the tickets were already sold? I once faced this situation when planning to attend a special event at this Museum.

It’s frustrating. You’ve planned to explore this art world, planned every detail, and now it doesn’t seem very easy to discover. My frustration built when I thought about missing out on Picasso’s masterpieces. I was trying to find ways. Is there any ticket left for me anywhere?

Finally, I found a way to visit this Museum even when the tickets were officially sold out. Are you now curious to know how? Let’s dive into my smart strategies even after all of the  Picasso museum tickets sold out.  

Why are Picasso Museum Tickets Sold Out?

Picasso Museum entrance with a 'Sold Out' sign

Picasso Museum is one of the most visited cultural sites in Barcelona. There are several reasons why tickets for this popular Museum sell out so quickly.

Popularity of Picasso Museum: Pablo Picasso was one of the essential artists of the twentieth century. His revolutionary pieces, including those in Cubism and Surrealism. They have attracted art lovers from far and wide. This is a must-visit for any lover of art, as there are large numbers of his works on display at the Museum.

Limited Capacity and Intimate Experience: Because of restrictions inside the Museum, few people are allowed so that everyone can enjoy themselves. As a result, it remains a nice place with fewer crowds, unlike other museums. Also, when many people want to participate in such shows, tickets may sell out too soon.

Peak times and Special Events: Concerts tend to sell out more often during holidays, weekends, and summer. Sometimes special events and exhibitions at the Picasso Museum attract even more visitors. These shows make many people want to purchase tickets for them.

How Can You Check the Availability of Picasso Museum Tickets?

If you are planning to visit, ensure you get tickets to the Picasso Museum in advance. The official website of the Picasso Museum provides a lot of information about the availability of tickets. You can check what types of tickets are available for purchase and decide to buy them. It’s better to purchase your skip-the-line tickets in advance, especially if you intend to come during peak season. If it is hard for you to find an online ticket, then call the Museum instead. The museum website has contact details on how one can get across to them. 

Most of the time, you might fail to purchase a ticket from the official site. But do not worry—there are many authorized ticket vendors. They are all not trusted, and some of them might be scammers. One of the most trusted and last-must-have ticket providers is Tours Travel Finder. Also, they might have additional attraction site tickets. 

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of securing tickets to the Picasso Museum.

Picasso Museum Opening Hours and Ticket Price

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is a beautiful place for art lovers, especially those who love Picasso’s artwork. It offers a comprehensive collection of his masterpieces, showcasing his evolution as an artist.

Picasso Museum closes and Opening Hours

Monday:  Closed

Tuesday to Sunday:  9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Thursday: Extended hours until 9:30 PM

Please note that the Museum may have special hours during holidays, so it’s always a good idea to check their official website for the latest updates before your visit.

Admission Ticket Price

The Picasso Museum offers various ticket options to suit different preferences and budgets:

General Admission:  €12

Reduced Admission:  €7 (available for students, seniors, and those under 25)

Free Admission: Free Admission is available every month, on the first Sunday and Thursday evenings after 6:00 PM.

You can purchase tickets in advance to book the Picasso Museum Barcelona Skip the Line Guided Tour.

Tips on How to Get Tickets for the Picasso Museum Tickets Sold Out

Visitors seeking last-minute tickets at the Picasso Museum

You might fail to get into the Picasso Museum because of the Picasso Museum tickets sold out issue. Here are some tips that will help you make sure you get to go:

Check out for last-minute cancellation: People often change their plans at the last minute sometimes. You must check the Museum’s website to see if there are any chances to get tickets.

Take a Tour with a Guide: Several tour companies offer guided tours that include entrance fees to the Picasso Museum. In most cases, they have advance tickets which makes it easier for you to get into if individual tickets are sold out. Confirm Picasso Museum Guided tour tickets.

Talk to the front desk of your hotel: Most hotels are affiliated with local attractions and ticket reseller companies. Just ask the hotel’s receptionist for more assistance regarding tickets.

You can still enjoy Barcelona’s rich culture offerings even if the Picasso Museum tickets are sold out if you plan and follow these tips.

Best Time to Visit the Picasso Museum in Barcelona 

Due to its popularity, visitors are often disappointed since tickets are frequently sold out at many times. Below I am giving a list of when it would be the best time to visit the  Picasso Museum.

Off-Peak Times

One way of avoiding disappointment is when all tickets have been bought around off-peak days or hours. November through March are less crowded with tourists compared to other months. This means you will have fewer crowds during these periods, making it possible for you to get up close.

Weekday Visit to the Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum Barcelona can give you a different level of experience when you visit during weekdays. This is not always the case since weekends are usually crowded with both tourists and locals.

Special Exhibitions and Events in Barcelona Picasso Museum

The Museo Picasso always holds special exhibitions and events.  Just make sure you buy the tickets well in advance as usually, these special events are the first ones to be sold out.

Pro tips: You might fail to purchase a ticket from the main official website, but you still have a trusted and last-minute option.Book Picasso museum Tickets from Tours Travel Finder and save yourself from long lines.

What to See at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Picasso Museum hosts one of the most extensive collections of works done by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Here is what you should expect to see when you go there:

Masterpieces from Picasso’s Early Years

One of the highlights of the Museum is the extensive collection of Picasso’s early works. These pieces offer a unique insight into the development of his style and artistic vision. Visitors can see works from his Blue Period, where shades of blue dominate his canvases, reflecting themes of melancholy and despair.

Las Meninas Series

There is a fascinating section in the Museum devoted to Picasso’s reimagining of Diego Velázquez’s famous painting “Las Meninas.” These 58 paintings demonstrate how Picasso could deconstruct classical works.

Sketchbooks and Personal Archives

Picasso’s sketchbooks and personal archives are also on display at the Museum, showing his creative process. There are early sketches, notes, and experiments that add more meaning to their methods and evolution within their field.

Ceramics and Sculptures

Besides paintings, there are many ceramics and sculptures displayed at Museu Picasso. They highlight his diverse talents as an artist who did not stick to conventional boundaries.

Overview of Museu Picasso

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is located in the Gothic Quarter. It is housed in five medieval palaces. This distinctive setting enhances the fascination and historical importance of the Museum. It has become one of the most significant cultural landmarks of the city.

On a note, this Museum was Established in 1963. The site was chosen because of Picasso’s strong connection to Barcelona where he grew up. Five medieval palaces that are next to each other make an interesting background for Picasso’s work. They combine the city’s long past with its artistic heritage.

The Museum’s collection encompasses more than 4,000 works produced by Pablo Picasso at different stages of his life. It is especially famous for its vast number of early works that give an understanding of his artistry. The variety of Picasso’s work is shown by the paintings, drawings, prints, and ceramics in the collection. Picasso Museum is one of the most beautiful architecture in Barcelona.

Moreover, there are various educational programs held at the Picasso Museum, including guided tours and workshops. This program allows other participants to have a greater awareness. There are many books, prints, and souvenirs in the museum shop that are connected to Picasso’s life and work.


If you intend to visit the Picasso Museum, you must make your booking early enough in advance. This Museum always has a high demand for tickets, which often results in sold-outs. The Museum’s popularity is due to its wide range of Picasso’s artwork.

Always check the Museum’s official website and the availability of tickets. Buying them immediately after they have been released helps prevent disappointment. This ensures that you will not fail to experience one of the best art collections globally by being motivating.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you get to the Picasso Museum?

You can get to the Picasso Museum by public transportation such as buses or metro. The Museum is located at 5 Rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris, France.

Is it true that the Picasso Museum is accessible to people under 18 all year round?

Yes, it is true. People under 18 can enjoy free Admission to the Picasso Museum throughout the year.

Is there a Picasso Museum free admission entry day?

The Picasso Museum offers free Admission on the first Sunday of each month for everyone, regardless of age.

Do you need to buy Picasso Museum tickets ahead of time?

It is recommended to book tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist