How to Buy Louvre Tickets: Everything you need to know

Are you planning to visit the world’s most renowned museum, the Louvre? But are you searching for answers about how to buy Louvre tickets? It can be very frustrating when you cannot find the necessary solutions.

Well, don’t get upset so fast; we have got you covered. Just go through this article, and you will get all the information about tickets. From how to buy tickets to ticket variations and where to book tickets, find everything you need.

As you get to the end, this article will clear all your doubts and guide you with insider tips. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the article.

Key Takeaways:

  • With 38,000 exhibits, the Louvre Museum has the largest collection. It is a must-see attraction in Paris.
  • Find out how you can buy Louvre Museum tickets.
  • If the tickets are sold out, then these tips will help you book last-minute tickets.
  • Book your tickets in advance at these places.
  • Know the variations of tickets before booking them.
  • More information and tips for buying Louvre Museum tickets.

Why is the Louvre Museum a must-see attraction?

If you are an art lover and a traveller, then visiting the Louvre Museum is a must for you. The immense art collections will make you spellbound. Here, you will find the age-old sculptures and paintings of many prehistoric artists. 

And also, who doesn’t want to see the famous Mona Lisa? However, there are many other masterpieces except for this. You will get to see the Venus de Milo, the Dying Slave, the Rebellious Slave statues, the marble sculpture Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss, and the list goes on.

The Louvre is the storehouse of all these gems for art lovers. In the heart of Paris, this museum holds the largest collection of 38,000 exhibits. And to witness all these pieces, the Louvre Museum is a must-see attraction.

How to Buy Louvre Tickets When Sold Out?

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It is very common for Louvre museum tickets to sell out. With its popularity among tourists and art lovers, millions of visitors wait eagerly to visit. The on-site tickets are sold out all the time. However, you might find tickets unavailable online too. 

But don’t panic yet! That’s not the end of the world. So, wait patiently to find out the solutions. Always make sure to plan everything ahead of time. Plan where to stay, book the tickets, where you are going to visit, everything.

And if you are planning the trip in a short time and don’t have much time, then there are options for you too. You can check out the Louvre Museum’s official website to get tickets. But if they are sold out on the site, then find some other websites that are providing last-minute tickets.

With the last-minute ticket opinion, you will be able to book tickets at the eleventh hour. So, light up and say goodbye to all the panic and worries.

How do you buy tickets for the Louvre?

Still figuring out how to buy Louvre tickets? Well, if you get stressed, we have solutions! Here are some tips for buying tickets to the Louvre.

  • Visit the official website of the Louvre for ticket booking. But you have to book your tickets 1 month before the trip. Most of the time, the tickets are sold out here. So, if you are looking for instant reservations, then this is not recommended.
  • Find other websites to check out the availability and compare the prices.
  • You can also prefer the idea of on-site tickets. But let us warn you, as you will have to wait in the long line to finally get the tickets. And unfortunately, the tickets are sold out most of the time.
  • Look for websites that have a last-minute ticket option. It will give you the privilege to book your tickets at the last moment.
  • Many websites offer discounts and sell tickets at a cheap price. Try to book your tickets from them.

Where to book tickets for the Louvre Museum in advance?

To avoid the hassles with tickets, it is advised to book your reservation in advance. It saves time and also you might get discounts on your booking. But are you curious about where to book tickets in advance?

Keep reading to know the suggested trustworthy place to book the tickets. The world-famous Louvre museum’s tickets get sold out in a blink. So, if you are planning to pay a visit, then book your tickets right now. 

Official websites

You can always check the official website for tickets. Here, you need to book the tickets 90 days earlier. You will find some variations of the tickets, but they are limited. The price range might be 20 euros.

Other reseller websites

Many ticket reseller websites provide time-to-time discounts. With a variety of entry ticket facilities, you will have options in hand. They also give you a last-minute ticket option. So, even if you forget to buy tickets, then there’s nothing to be upset about.

Paris Pass

While visiting Paris, the Paris pass is the most useful thing that you can get. This pass offers you the opportunity to visit 70 attractions in Paris. With a cheaper rate, you will be able to explore all the museums. You won’t have to think about booking the tickets in advance.

Variation of Tickets of the Louvre Museum

Are you curious to know about the ticket variation to visit the Louvre Museum? Check out these options.

On-site tickets

If you are willing to face the challenge of standing in a long line, then you can grab this option. On-site tickets come with the hassle of waiting in a long line. Even if you wait for hours, there’s a high possibility that you will return empty-handed. The tickets sell out pretty fast.

Paris Museum Pass

For a relaxing trip, the Paris Museum Pass is the most effective thing. This pass allows you to visit museums in Paris without any tickets. It is cheap and saves a lot of time. So, enjoy your Paris trip without hassle and forget about the tickets.

Last-minute Entrance tickets

With these tickets, you don’t have to think about booking the tickets in advance. Even if you forgot to reserve your tickets, the last-minute tickets will save you. Many websites provide these tickets for travelers to enjoy their tour. So, grab your last-minute tickets on the day of your journey. 

Combo tour

Why not enjoy the Louvre Museum with another attraction? This is a jackpot for all the travel lovers. This ticket allows you to do two activities on one ticket. Enjoy the Louvre Museum while visiting another beautiful place. Check out the Paris Louvre Seine River cruise and hop-on-hop bus tour, and the Louvre Museum and Seine River cruise tour.

Guided Tour to the Louvre

This guided tour offers entry tickets with a guide. A small group and your very own guide will give you a brief introduction to the Louvre Museum. It might cost you a little more than other tickets, but it is worth buying.

Skip the line with us on the Louvre Museum tour

To have the best Louvre experience, grab the skip-the-line tickets. Many websites sell skip-the-line tickets. The main motto of these entry tickets is to give you a fantastic experience while visiting the museum.

You don’t have to stand in the long line for tickets. But not every website has these tickets. So, find the website that sells skip-the-line tickets. Reserve the tickets soon before they are sold out.

Information and tips for buying Louvre Museum tickets

Information and tips for buying Louvre Museum tickets

Enjoy your Louvre museum exhibition and explore the rest of the museum with our tips. Follow these tips for your trip plan.

  • You need to plan your visit to the Louvre Museum before starting the tour.
  • As it is one of the most popular museums, you must buy your tickets online.
  • For fast booking, check out the Louvre Museum reserved access tour package.
  • Residents of European economic countries can get special discounts.
  • Admission is free for 0–18-year-old residents of the European country.
  • The museum’s opening hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • The age of 18 and 18-25 year-old residents can also get free admission. They don’t need to buy admission to the museum.
  • As a traveller, you can find tickets on the museum website and book tickets 14 days in advance.
  • You can also buy your tickets at a reduced rate on the official Louvre website.
  • The Louvre Museum is closed on 14 July.


The Louvre is a treasure trove of Parisian history and culture. Many temporary exhibitions at the Louvre Museum attract visitors from across the world. If you are planning to visit the Louvre on your next trip, then buy tickets in advance. 

This article is created for you to learn how to buy Louvre tickets and other information about tickets. So, buy tickets at the Louvre and get access to the museum. 

Did this piece of writing help you learn more about the entry to the museum? If yes, then leave a comment and share your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Louvre ticket cost?

The cost can vary because of age and nationality. But, normally, a Louvre ticket costs 15 to 25 euros.

Can you get digital tickets for the Louvre?

It is possible to get digital tickets for the Louvre. Download the tickets on your mobile phone and show them when needed.

What is the cheapest day to go to the Louvre?

Except for July and August, the tickets are free. Yes, it’s free on the first Friday of the month after 6 p.m. But still, to be on the safe side, you can book tickets in advance at a cheaper rate. Visitors on the first Friday can enter the museum without tickets.

What is the easiest way to enter the Louvre?

The Carrousel du Louvre is the easiest way to enter the Louvre. It is also known as the mall entrance. The line at the carousel is significantly shorter.

Is it better to buy Louvre tickets online or in person?

It is a wise decision to buy tickets online. However, waiting in a long line to buy is a hassle, and it can get frustrating. Most importantly, the tickets are sold out. But with online tickets, you will have flexibility and last-minute ticket options.

How early should I get to the Louvre?

To avoid the crowd, you should get to the Louvre in the early hours of the morning. And you can also visit the museum at 3 p.m. to avoid the long lines of people.