Rijksmuseum is one of the famous museums in Amsterdam. It opened in 1885. Johannes Vermeer’s paintings still make people interested in seeing his famous works. Most of Vermeer’s paintings from around the world will be exhibited together. Take the opportunity to get to know the painter and get up close to Vermeer at this exhibition. 

What is most important in the Rijksmuseum?

Rijksmuseum Vermeer Tickets is one of the best art museums in the world. It is enriched with about 8000 artifacts. Paintings are the main attraction of the Rijksmuseum. It is rich in Dutch works, paintings by national heroes Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh, masterpieces by Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Johannes Vermeer. Rijksmuseum has gained national and international fame with these paintings.

What is Vermeer famous for?

Johannes Vermeer is considered one of the greatest painters in history for his realistic paintings. The specialty of Vermeer’s paintings is that he painted realistic pictures based on everyday life. Vermeer made a different use of light and brilliant use of color in his paintings. Naturally, he is known as the “Master of Light” for his distinctive paintings. Vermeer had a particular interest in filming genre scenes. 

How many Vermeers are in the world?

Vermeer’s oil painting has different ideas about its number. But some say 36, some say 37 oil paintings have survived.

Most of Vermeer’s paintings are very small but later became quite a sensation. Vermeer’s paintings are still popular. The most famous works can be seen at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Exhibitions are often held in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The work of renowned artist Johannes Vermeer helped shape the Dutch Renaissance in a way that is easy to predict.

The mystery of vermeer painting:

Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch painter in the 1600s.

He mainly painted scenes of domestic interiors. There was a mystery in his paintings that surprised people even after all these years. He is best known for his extraordinary use of light in his paintings, as the light, usually daylight or a woman, creates an enchanting image in the painting.

The painter Johannes Vermeer as a man is still very much a mystery. His masterpieces grace the exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Most of Vermeer’s works feature a wonderful play of color. He produced relatively few paintings that were not well received.

He was not rich at the time of his death. His work is appreciated many years after his death. Vermeer worked slowly with great care. Vermeer is particularly noted for his use of light in his work. Fate did not win the expected results of such a famous work in his lifetime.

Rijksmuseum vermeer tickets:

There are four Vermeer paintings in the Rijksmuseum collection. Vermeer’s most famous painting is ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’. It is on display at the Royal Picture Gallery in The Hague. There are three domestic scenes and a cityscape, including the famous ‘Milkmaid’ at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The most famous painting in the Rijksmuseum collection is The Milkmaid.

There are two things you need to know about visiting the Rijksmuseum:

  1. In case of travel to the Rijksmuseum You must have a special Vermeer ticket. 
  2. Tickets purchased for the Rijksmuseum do not include entry to the Verme exhibition. Visiting the Vermeer exhibition will cost extra.

Adults must pay the normal ticket price. Free entry is allowed for ICOM members.


Child tickets for 0-18 year olds are free.

Rijksmuseum vermeer Opening hours

The opening hours of the Rijksmuseum museum and Vermeer exhibition are daily from 9:00 to 17:00.

However, Vermeer’s exhibition hours are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays till 22:00.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday schedule is 9:00 – 18:00 .
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday opens 9:00 – closing time 22:00

Rijksmuseum vermeer languages:

You may be worried about the language when traveling to the Rijksmuseum. The app offers free tours in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Mandarin.

Know Before You Go Rijksmuseum vermeer:

  1. Know the rules before visiting the Rijksmuseum. Because travel has its own privacy policy, terms and conditions and guidelines for safe visits.
  2. Vermeer exhibition tickets must be purchased separately.
  3. Vermeer’s paintings are displayed in exhibition form at the Rijksmuseum. It is not regular. A separate schedule is scheduled to display this exhibition.
  4. For more detailed information about Rijksmuseum vermeer, contact the office of Tour Travel Finders.
  5. Smoking is prohibited.
  6. The following items are illegal to carry into Rijksmuseum vermeer :

Knives with blades over (3”). Knife with a lockable blade (unless you have a reasonable excuse to keep it). butterfly knife, Shake the knife, CS or pepper spray.


  1. Rijksmuseum vermeer is wheelchair accessible for visitors.
  2. Rijksmuseum vermeer has bathroom facilities available for visitors.

Rijksmuseum Vermeer audio guide:

There is no audio tour with the Rijksmuseum Vermeer exhibition. But there is an online exhibition experience with additional explanations about the entire tour.

Guided tour:

There is no guided tour in Rijksmuseum vermeer. Guided tours are not offered here during the exhibition. Also, you are not allowed to visit the exhibition with or without your own tour guide. You can travel together with family and friends if you want.

Is there a possibility to cancel or reschedule?

It is not possible to cancel your ticket at Rijksmuseum vermeer. It is not possible to change your ticket and rebook it.


Photography is permitted at the Rijksmuseum. So don’t disturb other visitors by using flash.

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FAQ for Rijksmuseum Vermeer Tickets:

Q. Is there any guided tour?

Ans: No there is no guided tour in the vermeer exhibition.

Q. Does the Rijksmuseum have an audio guide?

Ans: No, there is no audio tour accompanying the exhibition. 

Q. What is the most popular Rijksmuseum?

Ans: Vermeer exhibition and others exhibition.

Q. What are the opening hours?

Ans: The opening hours are- Monday to Sunday 9-11 pm

Q. I don’t get my tickets. What can I do? 

Ans: Please make sure to wait 30-45 minutes and always check your SPAM folder. Also contact where you buy your tickets from.

Q. Can I take photos?

Ans: Yes photography is allowed.

Q. What was special with Vermeer paintings?

Ans: Vermeer is renowned for his ability to capture light and create sereneness in his paintings.

Q. Is Vermeer The Greatest Painter of all time?

Ans: Yes, Vermeer is one of the greatest painters of all time.

Q. Are there different prices for students or senior citizens?

Ans: We do not offer different prices for students or senior citizens.

Q. I want some more information, what can I do?

Ans: For more information about  Rijksmuseum Vermeer feel free to Contact  the office of Tour travel finders.