Windsor is the largest and oldest royal palace in the world. It is an occupied fort. This fort embodies the architectural history of almost a millennium. Windsor Castle Aerial View Located in Windsor, England. Windsor Castle is famous for its history. The history of Windsor Castle is always surprising.

You can get the latest information or details about the fort from Tour travel finders.

Windsor Castle is a royal residence in Berkshire. Windsor Castle is strongly associated with the English and successive British royal families. Windsor Castle has also witnessed important royal weddings over the years, including some of the biggest weddings of the past few decades. The late Queen Elizabeth and many British monarchs are buried at Windsor. So it is a historical place to visit.

Location of Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle’s address is Castle Hill, Windsor, SL4 1PD. Windsor Check the map location to get the location of Windsor Castle.

To find Windsor Castle, exit Windsor and Eton Central Station or Windsor and Eton Riverside Station and you will see the castle walls in front of you.

Windsor Castle Windsor Castle Admission & OPENING TIMES:

Windsor Castle is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The remaining five days are open to the public. You need to book tickets in advance. Can be pre-booked by telephone only (transaction fee payable). For this you can take the help of Tour travel finders. Windsor Castle has a list of closures, late openings and early closings – please note these and arrive accordingly

Opening Time Last Admission Closing Time:

1 March – 31 October: opening time is 10:00. Its admission time is 16:00 and Closing time is  17:15

1 November- 28 February : opening time is10:00. Its admission time is 15:00  and Closing time is 16:15.

Windsor Castle closures:

Windsor Castle Closing Times:

 Windsor Castle is a royal palace. So sometimes the state apartments within the fort or castle have to be closed at short notice on royal notice or work.

6 – 7 May 2023 – Windsor Castle Fort is Closed. Sunday, 18 June 2023,Sunday, 18 June 2023 and 25 December .

Best way to buy Windsor Castle tickets:

Windsor Castle is a popular attraction. Windsor Castle is always busy with crowds of people. So booking your tickets online is recommended by Tour travel finders.

Buying tickets online helps avoid long queues at admission centers during peak hours.

Good to know when buying tickets to Windsor Castle is a young person’s rate for 18-24 year olds. There is a child price category for children 5-17 years. Below is free for children below 5 years.

Tour travel finders always try to offer lowest possible tickets than others.

How long will your visit take and queue

There are often long queues at the entrance to the State Apartments during peak summer to visit Windsor Castle.

There are no queues during the winter months. On average, visitors will spend 90 minutes to two hours at the castle.

In this case the official Windsor Castle website suggests three hours or more.

Windsor Castle Tour Options: London’s attraction and home to the royal family is Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle tickets and tours from London can vary. These are:

  • Windsor Castle Entrance Tickets with Multimedia Guide
  • Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge Tour from London
  • Windsor Castle Half Day Tour
  • Full-Day Tour of Royal London & Windsor

Best time to visit Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a popular attraction with both locals and tourists.

Spring and summer are the best times to visit Windsor Castle. However, the semi-state rooms of King George IV are only open to the public between November and March. So if you don’t want to miss any part of the fort, it is better to visit during winter.

Private guided tour

There are classic guided tours that leave regularly from near the entrance on a fixed schedule and last about thirty minutes.

Why is the Windsor Castle guided tour important?

Windsor Castle is more than 1000 years old. Opting for a guided tour allows you to make the most of your trip on a well-planned itinerary with a guided tour. An experienced tour guide who will explain the history behind the castle, about the history of Windsor Castle and the royals.

Only an expert tour guide can give you information and interesting facts about the place. Guided tours are conducted in small groups making your experience at Windsor Castle informative and wholesome in a well-planned itinerary.

Non-guided tours

Windsor Castle is the oldest castle in the world.

Spread across 10.5 hectares, Windsor Castle has served as the family residence of British kings and queens for nearly 1,000 years. So you need a guide to know everything about your trip. So visiting Windsor Castle without knowing about its history can be a boring experience.

Multimedia Guide

A multimedia guide is part of the admission price and is available in ten languages. The number of the room or place you are in and a full commentary are given. Some comments have many optional comments that you can select to get detailed information about the item.

The tour was initiated by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. This provides a vivid commentary and visualization of events through the fort.

There is a separate family multimedia guide for children aged 7-11 which is available in English only. There are separate guides for hearing or visually impaired prisoners. Audio guides are available in different languages.

Windsor castle aerial view: 


Best exhibits to see Arts and Events:

Windsor Castle is a place rich in history. The Windsor Castle guided tour begins with the State Apartments where the Royal Family hosts heads of state from various countries. You will visit St George’s Chapel, where many royal weddings and burials have taken place.

Royal Windsor hosts a variety of international and local events – including performances throughout the year. Various events are celebrated here, including horse shows, Christmas celebrations at Windsor Castle, Windsor Festival and Royal Ascot. Additionally, the following places are covered in the highlights of your Windsor Castle guided tour.

  • The Old Court : Windsor’s newest artspace is The Old Court, with a bar run by Windsor & Eton Brewery. Live music, public events and jazz, dance, theater, classical music and films are organized here.

  • The Old Court Cinema: Known as The Screen, The Old Court set up the cinema in 2018 in partnership with ND Cinema Ltd. There was no movie in Windsor for 35 years. The digital cinema was first screened in July 2018 for which the necessary equipment was installed. There are six or seven film shows every month.

  • The Windsor Guildhall: Windsor Guildhall is a center of charm, elegance and grandeur. For more than 300 years, Windsor Guildhall has held its glory. Built in 1689 to be the center of civic life. It has the advantage of hosting royalty and celebrities. If you are interested in hiring Windsor Guildhall, as a wedding venue, drinks reception or banquet, you can contact with organization.
  • Royal Ascot: Royal Ascot is a national institution. It has become the centerpiece of the British social calendar. Royal Ascot is the pinnacle of the world’s best horse races. Following the same format each day, the Royal Procession enters the Parade Ring from 2.00pm each afternoon. The first race of the six each day is at 2.30 pm and the last race is at 5.35 pm. Racegoers are invited to celebrate the win as they sing traditional favorites.

  • Guided Tours at The Windsor Guildhall: Tours of Windsor Guildhall start from £5 per head and last around 40 minutes. More slots may be available on an ad-hoc basis during opening hours, so please inquire by email to Information is also available at the Windsor Information Center desk. King Charles III and Queen Camilla were married at Windsor Guildhall.

  • Royal singers: The Royal Free Singers is a community choir based in Windsor. Various programs and often concerts, piano playing, Backed by professional soloists and musicians.

Photography, filming and mobile phones: 

Drones are not permitted anywhere at Windsor Castle.

Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes is encouraged in areas outside the Castle Precinct. Tag Windsor Castle with the best shots using #WindsorCastle – on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. No part of Windsor Castle may be used as a wedding photography setting. Application form must be submitted for commercial filming.

Food and drinks: Drinks and food must be kept in sealed bags before entering the fort. Eating and drinking is not allowed except for bottled water. So you can buy bottled water at the Courtyard Shop at the beginning of your visit. Visit the Undercroft Cafe for food and drinks on your tour. The Undercroft Cafe serves tea and sweets as well as freshly prepared food including sandwiches, wraps and salads.

Restricted and Prohibited Items

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in Windsor Castle. The following items are illegal to carry into Windsor Castle:

  1. Knives with blades over (3”).
  2. Knife with a lockable blade (unless you have a reasonable excuse to keep it)
  3. butterfly knife
  4. Shake the knife
  5. CS or pepper spray

Windsor Castle is a royal palace, safety precautions should be taken behind


Windsor Castle has toilets, childcare facilities. Accessible toilets are found after the Security Hall, on the North Terrace before entering the State Apartments and next to the Undercroft Cafe. Generally accessible toilets are locked with a RADAR key.

So ask a member of staff to unlock them.


Animals will not be admitted.


All bags and pushchairs must be carried in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Large suitcases and heavy luggage may be allowed on a discretionary basis if able to pass through the security scanner.

Necessary pacemaker, hearing aid can be taken. May use other electrical or electronic equipment. You can carry your carry-on handbag.

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FAQs for for Windsor Castle Aerial View

Q. What is Windsor Castle?

Ans: Windsor Castle has been a royal residence for almost 1000 years.

Q. Location of Windsor Castle?

Ans: Windsor Castle’s address is Castle Hill, Windsor, SL4 1PD. Windsor Check the map location to get the location of Windsor Castle.

Q. Are there any restricted items that I cannot bring to the castle?

Ans: Yes are not allowed. Knives with blades over (3”),Knife with a lockable blade (unless you have a reasonable excuse to keep it),Butterfly knife, Shake the knife, CS or pepper spray -The full list of restricted items can be found on the official website.

Q. What are the opening times for the Visitor Information Centre in Windsor?

Ans: The Royal Windsor Information Centre is open Wednesday-Sunday. Opening and closing times vary throughout the seasons but the center is always open between 10:00 and 16:00.