Casa Mila is a modernist building located in Barcelona, Spain. It is known as La Pedrera or “The Stone Quarry”.

The name ‘Casa Milacasa Mila’ is derived from the Mila family. The Casa Mila Night Tour Review architecture features several intricate stone carvings and is adorned with distinctive curved windows.


The name ‘Casa Milacasa Mila’ is derived from the Mila family. The building was commissioned by Roser Segimon and her husband Pere Milà. Later other apartments were rented. This modernist apartment was commissioned in 1906 by wealthy industrialist Pere Milla.

Casa Mila is one of the most iconic works built between 1906-1912 that continues to captivate travelers. It was designed by master architect Antoni Gaudi. This is the last work of civil architecture by Gaudi, one of Spain’s most famous architects.

Why is Casa Milà famous?

Casa Mila’s style became iconic over time and has become a local icon today. Casa Mila or La Pedrera is considered the most iconic work of architecture. It is famous for its constructive and functional innovations.

Casa Mila was designed in a unique modernism and declared a World Heritage Site in 1984 by UNESCO for its architecture and artistry. It is also known as Catalan Modernism.

Best time to visit Casa Milà:

Casa Mila is one of Barcelona‘s most popular attractions. Tour travel finders help to know the best time and date to visit. Being one of the tourist attractions, it is busiest on weekends and mornings. If you want to avoid the biggest crowds just when it opens, or late, travel around closing time.

During summer months should be avoided during midday or hot weather. It can get quite hot on the roof terrace at this time.

At casa mila reviews You can go on a night tour. It will give you a truly unique and charming experience. But in this case you have to pay more.

Casa Mila night tour review:

The night experience at Casa Mila is also known as “The Origin’s show.” The magic of the night at Casa Milà offers a mesmerizing experience. After sunset watch an exciting light show. Tour travel finders will recommend the Casa Milà night experience.

In La Pedrera night experience review you will discover undulating landscapes, sea waves, wrought iron nets, chimneys transformed into warriors and shining moments of modern architecture. Visiting Casa Milà at night is also exciting for traveling couples. Hope the romantic couples have the best time.

This is a 90-minute semi-guided tour. See multiple projections as part of the tour. With impressive light projections and background soundtrack, the entire show gives the tourists an unforgettable experience. Sip a glass of cava to toast the end of your tour. 

Casa Mila day or night?

Visiting Casa Mila reviews by day and night is worthwhile if time and money are not an issue. And if there is no time then night travel should be done. What will you get on a night visit?

  1. Entrance to the house
  2. Guided tour in English or Spanish)
  3. A stunning light show
  4. Terrace Audiovisual Show
  5. A presentation on the life of Gaudi

Casa Miller organizes evening tours by a Gaudi expert for night tours. As a result, visitors get detailed information about every aspect of Casa Milla. Casa Mila reviews is even more beautiful at night. The artificial lighting and moonlight make the building more attractive which delights the visitors.

Casa Mila Opening Hours: 

  • Daytime opening hours: It is open from Monday to Sunday in  9 am — 6.30 pm
  • Nighttime opening hours: Summer season and special dates are  9 pm — 11 pm; Winter season, 7 pm — 9 pm.
  • It is also closed on 25 Dec. One week in January is closed for maintenance .

Casa Milà Tickets:

  • Casa Mila tickets cost €24. A child between 7 and 12 years old pays €12.
  • Those aged 65 and over must pay €18.50 to enter.
  • There are also discounts on Casa Mila tickets. Fortunately children under the age of six receive a 100% discount at Casa Mila. Children aged 7 to 12 years get a 50% discount on the ticket price. Students receive a 25% discount on tickets with valid ID.
  • Residents of Catalonia are eligible for a €12 discount.

So final Ticket price is given below:

Adult ticket (13 to 64 years): €24
Youth ticket (7 to 12 years): €12
Senior ticket (65+ years): €18.50
Student ticket (with ID): €18.50

Casa Mila night tour:

  • Casa Milà or La Pedrera’s Night Experience costs €34 for visitors aged 13 and over.
  • Children aged 7 to 12 cost €17.

Book your ticket online:

Book your tickets online for the Casa Mila night tour. Below are the reasons why you should book tickets online.

  • Online tickets help save time
  • Online tickets are cheaper

Know that tickets are €3 cheaper per person when you buy them online. Tour travel finders always try to offer lowest possible tickets than others.


Photography is permitted at Casa Mila. For photography, the best places to take photos inside Casa Mila are the entryways, detailed ceilings, intricate staircases, etc. No flash photography is allowed. Access to the building with professional photographic equipment is also prohibited.

What’s inside Casa Mila

To know why casa Mila travel is important, you need to know what is inside. Casa Mila is a masterpiece for travel. From its rooftops to courtyards, attics and museums, it gives you a completely luxurious feel. There are so many things that will amaze you.

  • A spectacular Rooftop
  • The Exhibition Rooms
  • evening rooftop jazz concert
  • Gaudi’s life in the attic
  • The Architecture modernist apartment

The Architecture modernist apartment:

The building is one of the most charming masterpieces. Its structural features will impress you. Touring this building at night reveals a secret side. The curved corridor that takes you inside the cave is a boon. Get a magical experience here. Ocean waves, giant warrior-like chimneys and chads breathe life into starlight. It can be called a Gaudí experience in Barcelona

The Exhibition Rooms:

Explore a museum inside Casa Mila. This museum is a bonus for visitors. Inside the Casa Mila museum, in addition to exhibitions and musical performances, see audiovisuals, miniatures and objects from Gaudi’s life, designs and models.

Evening Rooftop Jazz Concert:

 An evening jazz concert on the rooftop of Barcelona’s Casa Millar is a great way to enjoy it. Enjoy jazz nights at La Pedrera. This energetic live jazz captures the cultural spirit of Barcelona. Find local jazz acts, traditional jazz music nights and international musicians. Partake in the audiovisual display on the rooftop.

Gaudi’s life in the attic:

Architect Antoni Gaudi is the most influential of Catalan modernism. Casa mila is Gaudi’s most iconic piece of Gaudinian architecture. The current architectural style of Casa Mila (La Pedrera) represents the style of Antoni Gaudi. It can be said that he built elaborate and ostentatious structures in Barcelona.

A spectacular Rooftop: 

You will be mesmerized by the spectacular view of Casa Milla’s rooftop terrace at night. At La Pedrera-Casa Milà there is nothing more enchanting than the rooftop terrace. Stairs provide aesthetics and functionality to the roof.

How to Get to Casa Milà Barcelona:  

The The closest meteo stop to casa milla is Diagonal which is green line L3 or the blue line L5. 

RENFE Spanish Railways: Passeig de Gracia.

Buses: 7,16,17, 22, 24 and V17.

Try to avoid long distance walking through traveling.

Guided tour or non guided tour :  

There is so many advantage to take a guided tour in casa milla.  Because It is a historical place ,  a guide can guided you in detail. He can gives you all information about Casa Mila. A  guides provides a ton of information about casa milla. So we suggest you to take a guided tour .

Know Before You Go Inside Casa mila:

  1. Smoking is prohibited.
  2. No outside food is allowed. Smoking, eating and drinking inside the building isn’t allowed.
  3. No animals except guide dogs are allowed prohibited
  4. There is a luggage area Inside Casa milla. So you can keep things there.
  5. The following items are illegal to carry into Casa Mila:
  6. Knives with blades over (3”).
  7. Knife with a lockable blade (unless you have a reasonable excuse to keep it)
  8. butterfly knife
  9. Shake the knife
  10. CS or pepper spray

Casa Mila night tour Experience

Casa Mila, the last private residence designed by Antoni Gaudi, is known to Barcelona locals as La Pedrera. Casa Mila is designed as a modernist spiritual symbol. The building has multiple carvings and statues of Mary and Archangels. It is worth exploring if you are a wanderlust.

Enjoy a great experience at Casa Mila. Not only in Barcelona architecture, Casa Mila also gives you a deep insight into Gaudí’s design methods and execution. Casa Mila night tour Experience will be Awesome! It is Highly recommend! The interior of the building is attractive. It will be Very, very enjoyable for you.

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FAQ for Casa Mila Night Tour Review

Q. Is it good to visit Casa Mila at night?

Ans: Yes, visiting the Casa Mila at night is  worthwhile.

Q. Can I buy online tickets for Casa Mila?

Ans: Yes, you can buy Casa Mila tickets online easily.

Q. How many people visit Casa Milà?

Ans: Around 3000 people.

Q. Is Casa Mila free?

Ans: No, Casa Mila isn’t free.

Q. Which city is Casa Mila?

Ans: Casa Mila (La Pedrera) Gaudí Building in Barcelona.

Q. Is the Gaudi House Museum worth visiting? 

Ans: Yes.