History of Colosseum:

The Colosseum allows you to explore one of the most important and valuable historical sites in Rome. The Colosseum has witnessed many natural and four centuries. To date, the Colosseum is the largest amphitheater built since its construction in 70 AD.

The fighting of the Western Roman Empire in the 6th century was influenced by gladiatorial wars and natural phenomena such as lightning-earthquakes. The Colosseum was used as an excavation site for the Palazzo Venezia defensive fortification project, St. Peter’s Cathedral and St.

John Lateran on the banks of the Tiber River. At the beginning of the 18th century, the popes tried to appropriate the arena as a sacred Christian site. During the 20th century, a combination of weather, natural disasters, neglect, and vandalism destroyed about two-thirds of the original Colosseum.

Why is the Colosseum famous:

The Colosseum was originally called the Flavian Amphitheater. The Colosseum is the origin of gladiatorial combat during the Roman Empire. The Colosseum is considered for its architectural and structural sophistication, innovation. It is famous for many reasons.

The Colosseum has a significant historical value.

Best time to visit Colosseum Rome:

The Colosseum is a busy tourist destination. It is bustling with visitors from noon to 4 p.m. Be aware of the summer heat when visiting the Colosseum. Be aware that there is no shade or seating. The best time to visit the Colosseum is from November to February.

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, the Colosseum is busy. The best time of day to visit the Colosseum in Rome is early in the morning when the doors open. During this time, the crowd is a little smaller. If you prefer a romantic trip, you can go 1-2 hours before the Colosseum closes. You can enjoy the golden glow of the sunset.

Opening hours Colosseum Rome :

The Colosseum is open every day of the year. Visitors can stay inside for 1 hour after closing time. The Colosseum is closed: January 1, May 1 and December 25. The schedule varies depending on the season, especially during the busy season from April to October.

Colosseum Rome ticket:

An interesting fact is that every first Sunday of the month, entry to the Colosseum is free for everyone. But the queue is usually long that day. Children under 18 have free entry to the Coliseum. EU citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 will get €2.00 less when buying tickets. Tourist search engines provide tickets to visit the Roman Colosseum.

Colosseum audio guide Rome:

You can choose an audio-guided tour to learn about the rich history of the Colosseum. Guided tours are a bit expensive. So Colosseum audio guides are perfect if you don’t want to book. Audio-guided tours provide a detailed understanding of the Colosseum’s history, purpose and architecture. Audio guided tours are cheaper than guided group tours of the Colosseum.

The audio tour of the Colosseum effectively enriches the tour of the Colosseum. The Colosseum Audio Tour provides an insight into the fascinating history of the Romans, ancient monuments, ruins, sanctuaries and temples. The audio tour of the Colosseum lasts one hour and ten minutes. You can make it available in multiple languages.

These languages are:

  1. Italian Sign Language,
  2. American Sign Language, 
  3. Portuguese,
  4. Latin
  5. Arabic, 
  6. Chinese, 
  7. Russian, 
  8. Japanese, 
  9. German, 
  10. Spanish,
  11. French
  12. Italian and English.

Self-guided tour or guided tour:

For those who don’t want to travel through time alone Several types of guided tours of the Colosseum. Usually, guided tours consist of 20 to 30 tourists in a group. The group is led by a local guide. The smaller the number of tourists in the group, the more expensive the guided tour.

If your tour is luxury and price is not an issue, you can easily choose a guided tour. Guided tours are very personal as the guide can answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity.

Book your ticket online: 

Book your Colosseum tickets as soon as you know your arrival date in Rome. Your best bet is to go early in the morning and book online. You won’t have long queues when you go there. Sometimes you have to stand in line for more than an hour at the checkout counter. it is better to book tickets online. If you can’t find tickets on the official website, buy them from the seller. You can also call the Tour travel search engine office and provide Colosseum tickets.

Know Before You Go colosseum Rome:

  • The Colosseum opens at 9am, so arrive at the Colosseum before 8:30am. When it opens, you’ll be able to avoid the crowds if you get there early.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking.
  • In the summer, don’t forget to bring a water bottle and sunscreen. Wear comfortable clothes – no heels or stiff shirts that make your feet hurt.
  • When traveling to the Colosseum, use the metro, which is very efficient and convenient.
  • Prohibited items include knives, butterfly knives, selfie sticks, tripods, backpacks, suitcases and large wallets.
  • Do not bring a large backpack or bag with you. You will not be allowed to enter the Colosseum entrance. no cloakroom available.

Highlights on Colosseum Rome Tour:

Some highlights inside the Colosseum are the Emperor’s Box, the Gladiator’s Gate, Arena, the Hypogeum’s and the three tiers that served different purposes.

  • Arena: The Colosseum Arena was Rome’s gladiator stadium. This is where all the action happened. Arenas are where gladiator fights, animal games, theater and criminal executions are held. You need a ticket to access it.
  • The Hypogeums: The hypogeum is the substructure of the Colosseum. The Colosseum was built about 10 years after its inauguration. Vespasian’s younger son built the Hypogeum. It is a series of tunnels used to house animals and slaves. Historians believe that the hypogeum was filled with water on the stage of naval battles. However, the walls are not waterproof.
  • The Gladiator’s Gate: The Colosseum is entered through the “Gladiator’s Gate”. This entrance was formerly used exclusively by gladiators. The VIP entrance gives you a full sense of what it was like to enter the amphitheater for the battle dome 2,000 years ago.
  • Emperor’s Box: Although no one knows for sure where the emperor’s box was located. A view of the north side of the interior of the Colosseum now shows a cross for the Christians who died in the Colosseum. There was an imperial box called the “cubiculum” where the emperor used his own chair – the bicellium.  It is believed to be on the north side marked by the Christian cross. According to recent research, many changes are coming to the old ideas.

Magic Nights at Colosseum Rome:

Join a guided night tour of the Colosseum and enjoy the ruins in a mild Colosseum evening. The Colosseum lights up shortly after sunset. This covers the main floor and seats in the lower level. Visit after sunset to see another version of the Colosseum. The Colosseum closes at sunset. So traveling later in the evening on another day is a smart choice.

You can visit the Colosseum at night. The Colosseum offers night tours. Visitors can explore this ancient amphitheater by moonlight. May to September are usually the summer months, during which sunset is usually around 8-9pm, so the Colosseum is illuminated at that time.

The Colosseum at night vs day: what’s better?

Visiting the Colosseum at night is very different from visiting during the day.

However, the Colosseum can only be visited at night with a guide.

You can visit the Colosseum even during the day without a guide, it should not be at night.


    • The Colosseum is partially accessible for passengers on bicycles.
    • The Coliseum has wheelchair access for all levels of spectators. There are no strollers to rent.
    • The ground floor is fully accessible, but there is an elevator to the second floor.

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FAQ for Audio Guide Colosseum Rome

Q. What is the Colosseum in Rome famous for?

Ans: It is famous for many reasons. The Colosseum has a significant historical value.

Q. Is it free to visit the Colosseum?

Ans: You need to have a ticket .

Q. The underground tour of the Colosseum worth it?

Ans: Yes, it  is definitely worth your time.

Q. What time can you enter the Colosseum?

Ans: Colosseum is open from 9.00 am to one hour before sunset. 

Q. Does Colosseum have tickets?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Is it better to visit the Colosseum at night or day?

Ans: Both provide good experience.