Casa Batlló is one of the most interesting and fascinating buildings in Barcelona. Casa Batllo Rooftop is known as the “House of the Dragon”. The symbol on the facade of Casa Batllo is related to the legend of Saint Saint George. The round shape of the gap of Casa Batllo.

The lip-like edges carved into the rock around it create a reflection of the fully open mouth.

Why is Casa Batlló famous?

Did you know that Casa Batlló is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

It was designed by Antoni Gaudi. It is one of the cultural and tourist attractions.

The famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi designed the building for the Batllo family. This is a must see for those who know about Gaudi’s work. It is now an architectural museum.

La Casa Batlló’s roof design symbolizes a sword embedded in a dragon. Its bone-shaped columns commemorate victims. Throughout history Casa Batlló has been known as the home of the dragon. Travelers should definitely visit here.

Best time to visit Casa Batlló:  

Casa Batllo is a prominent tourist destination. It is a great place for local and world tourists. If you want to avoid the crowds, the crowds are a bit less during the summer between 3pm and 5pm. But this cannot be confirmed. If you want to enjoy the sunset from Dragon Roof, it would be a good decision to go between 5:00 PM or 5:30 PM.

Casa Batllo opening time: 

Casa Batllo is a popular heritage site. It is crowded every day. As the daylight grew, the crowd grew. The best time to visit Casa Batllo is between 9 am to 11 am. The Casa Batllo opening hours vary depending on the season. There is no day off in Casa Batllo. Casa Batllo is open daily. The last admission is at 8.30 PM. 

Book your ticket online: 

Casa Batllo tickets is always very crowded. Sometimes you have to wait in line for more than an hour at the ticket counter.

So it is better to book tickets online. Many times you can also get discounts.

Casa Batllo tickets:

Call the office of Tour travel finders to provide tickets to casa batllo. Here you can find all the other information including the entry fee. Kids up to 12 years can enter Casa Batllo for free. Those aged 65 and over receive a €3 discount on their ticket on entry here. Students with a valid ID receive a 6 euro reduction. There are different types of Casa Batllo tickets. These are given below:



3. Standard TICKET.


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How long does Casa Batllo take?

Casa Batllo in Barcelona, Spain is a private residence and an example of the Catalan Modernist style. The duration of the VR video guide of Casa Batllo is 45 minutes. If you want to explore the Gaudi masterpiece, you can complete the tour in one hour. If tourists want to explore the residential building, it will take two hours.

How to reach Casa Batllo:

At Casa Batllo you will find the Passeig de Gràcia stop of the Barcelona Metro. The easiest way for travelers to get to Casa Batlló is via the Passeig de Gràcia stop of the metro. The Casa Batllo metro stop is served by three lines: green L3, yellow L4 and purple L2 (green is the closest).

Also public buses that stop in front of the house: V15, V17, H10, H8, 7, 22, 24, 6, 33, 34. If you have any other additional questions on how to get to Casa Batlló, please contact Tour Travel Finder.

Photography: You are allowed to take pictures throughout the house in Casa Batllo. It is best to carry your camera to click maximum pictures. Photographers fall in love with Casa Batllo.

Guided tour or non guided tour :  

Taking a guided tour at Casa Batlló will make your visit more enjoyable. You will have an audio guide.

As a result, you will learn about the significance and skill of Gaudi’s architectural skills. Guided tour tickets will have a fixed itinerary. It will include all the notable highlights and highlights of Casa Batlló.

More interesting news is that Casa Batlló’s guided tour tickets offer priority entry to the attraction. No need to stand in long queues at the entrance. The audio guide is available in these languages .

  • Spanish, 
  • Catalan,
  • English
  • French, 
  • Italian,
  • Russian,
  • German,
  • Korean, 
  • Mandarin Chinese, 
  • Japanese,
  • Portuguese,
  • Romanian,
  • Polish
  • Cantonese Chinese and Dutch.


  1. The good news is that the entire house, including the roof, is wheelchair accessible.
  2. People with disabilities and pregnant women can use their lift services.
  3. The hearing impaired can take advantage of the written text of the audio guide.

Magic Nights at Casa Batllo :

Be sure to enjoy the Casa Batllo Magic Nights review.

It’s a great way to explore music, architecture, and rooftop shows. The nightly shows at Casa Batllo are spectacular. Starts from 8 pm. A series of concerts begins on the rooftop terrace. From pop to rock, soul, jazz, Spanish guitar, etc. national music is performed.

Magic Nights is a series of romantic concerts held on the ‘dragon roof’ of Gaudi’s bedchamber, Casa Batllo. Enjoy a sparkling glass of cava (produced in the nearby Penedes wine region) at night as the sun sets. Here you can enjoy pop, jazz, rock, blues, rumba and flamenco music by some of the best musicians.

Magic Nights begin  in March and continue until late fall. Tickets tend to be sold only in the same month or a month in advance, so book in advance from Tour travel finders to avoid hassles. Learn more about the best time to visit Casa Batlló and the city itself, with our guide to the Tour travel finders.

Know Before You Go Inside Casa Batllo:

  1. Smoking is prohibited
  2. Outside food is not allowed. 
  3. No animals except guide dogs are allowed prohibited
  4. The following items are illegal to carry into Casa Batllo:

Knives with blades over (3”).Knife with a lockable blade (unless you have a reasonable excuse to keep it). butterfly knife, Shake the knife, CS or pepper spray.

    5. Lockers are not available.

Highlights on Casa Batlló Guided Tour:

Casa Batllo has a unique architecture style. Let’s peek at what interesting things are inside.

1. The Entrance Hall:

Before entering the private residence of the Batlló family, you will find a communal entrance on the ground floor. As soon as you enter the entrance hall, you will see the first stop of the house. It features tortoiseshell skylights, curved arched walls and a wooden staircase. Proceed from the entrance hall to the private entrance to the Butlow family apartment. Noticeably there are no straight lines in this building. The handsome railing of the staircase leading to the second floor is reminiscent of a dragon’s tail.

2. Patio of Lights:

One of the most striking parts of Casa Batllo, the masterpiece in the heart of Barcelona, is the Patio of Lights. The courtyard of light Gaudí thought of perfect light according to the reflection of natural light. Mediterranean light gives a touch of elegance throughout the house. Natural light will enter from the floor to the attic.

The walls of the double patios are clad with ceramic tiles and glass tiles. It is blue in color, with the darkest shade above and the lightest below. Standing under the courtyard, visitors will see a blue reflection that gives the impression of standing underwater. In the middle of the patio of lights you will find a wooden elevator car that is still in use today.

3. Noble floor:

The noble floor is the living quarters of the Barlow family.

It can be said that this is the most creative space in this building.

The noble floor has three interconnected sections – Mr. Barlow’s study, the living room and a secluded area for couples getting married. The fireplace built in the 20th century can be seen here in Noble Hall. 

4. Attic:

 The attic is one of the most unique spaces in Cas Batlló that was built as a storage area for the entire house. There were mainly washing facilities and storerooms. Its most distinctive feature is its lighting by German Ingo Maurer, which consists of sixty white plaster arches. It looks like an animal’s rib cage, perhaps reminiscent of a rooftop dragon.

5. Terrace and Chimneys:

Terrace: Let’s have a glimpse of the terrace inside Casa Batllo. From the roof terrace you can see the “Dragon’s Spine”. Simply put, the terrace of the house depicts the scales of a dragon. You will also find four sculptural chimneys that are one of the brightest parts of the house.

Chimneys are also decorated with Trencadis mosaic technique. The chimney can be said to give Casa Batllo an extra dimension of personality. Chimneys are also decorated with Trencadis mosaic technique. The chimney can be said to give Casa Batllo an extra dimension of personality.

Restaurants Near Casa Batlló: 

The Best Restaurants in Casa Batlló, Barcelona is given below:

  • Barcelo
  • Faborit Casa Amatller
  • Pans & Company
  • CocoVail Beer Hall
  • Taller de Tapas – Rambla Catalunya
  • Restaurante Quixote

Asian, royal food, Italian Spanish Japanese food is available in these restaurants. Casa Batllo has some popular romantic restaurants. You can choose a restaurant by looking at reviews on Google.

  1. Moments – Mandarin Oriental, 
  2. Barcelona,
  3. La Terraza del Clarice – Hotel Clarice and Thai Barcelona

Casa Batlló Insider Tips:

  • It’s a good idea to buy your tickets online and in advance to enjoy hassle-free entry to the building.
  • You can use free Wifi in Casa batllo.
  • Bring less stuff as there are no lockers.
  • A lift/elevator is available . so you can easily use it.
  • Be sure to enjoy the Casa Batllo Magic It’s a great way to sample music, architecture, and rooftops.

Casa batllo‘s address is at Passeig de Gracia 43, Barcelona, Spain. It is a modern building. Completed in 1906 by the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi at the request of the Batlo family. Visitors can explore a range of home interiors that showcase Gaudí’s innovative use of materials, color and form.

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FAQ for Casa Batllo Rooftop

Q. What is the best time to go for the Casa Batllo tour?

Ans: To avoid the crowds, visit Casa Batllo during 9-11am.

Q. How much time for Casa Batllo will need?

Ans: About 1 hour.

Q. Do I need tickets for Casa Batlló?

Ans: You must buy an entrance ticket.

Q. Why is Casa Batlló so famous?

Ans: Casa Batlló is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its Gaudí’s artecturial work.

Q. What’s inside Casa Batlló Gaudí?

Ans: Entrance hall, the patio of lights, the Noble Hall where the Batllo family lived, the indoor garden, loft that was used by the servants and the rooftop.