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Plan, search and make a reserve.

1. How will you plan your perfect vacation from Tours Travel Finder??

Embarking on your next adventure? We’re excited to assist you in orchestrating and optimizing your upcoming travel experience and recommendations such as:

  • Key Attractions
  • Top-notch Activities
  • Recommended Duration of Stay

Explore selectively curated 48-hour itineraries for particular cities meticulously designed to highlight their most iconic experiences. Note that the accessibility of these itineraries may be subject to the language in which you’re browsing our website. Effortlessly retrieve this valuable information by inputting a city name into the search bar on our site. Enjoy planning!

2. How to arrange a Trip?

Secure your activity reservation effortlessly through online booking and receive a confirmation via email, along with a link for downloading.


  • Find your desired trip, define the quantity and category of participants, select a time and place, and, if vital, select a language.
  • Choose your preferred choice and, if necessary, provide the start time.
  • Fill in details about yourself as needed.
  • If your booking qualifies for a postponement upgrade, include it in your price. For further details, see the article ‘The cancellation ‘.
  • Choose a payment alternative, then finish your order.

3. How i will Figure out the ‘Best’ activities

Upon entering your chosen destination or attraction in the search bar on our website, you’ll find a list of available activities. Customize the search results to view either our top attractions or the activities highly rated by Tours Travel Finder users.


Explore details about notable attractions and discover additional activities that are available in the Popular Destination.


4. Easily Find Your Preferable Activities

We suggest applying filters to narrow down your search results to help you plan for the most relevant activity. Below is how it’s executed:

  • Insert the location you want to go in the search box in the bar (for instance, Catacombes De Paris on our main page).
  •  Click “Search”
  • Scroll to the filters on the right-hand side and you will see search result 
  •  Open the tour you’re interested in
  •  After seeing all the details Click (Book Now)


5. Existence

Our website TTF  shows the current status of all our activities. To book, click “Book now” and choose a date. The colours assist you in quickly identifying available dates – marked with Green, meaning you can book for any of these dates. If a date is marked Red, it’s either fully booked, not happening, or not open for booking yet.


Enter the number of persons you want to reserve to receive the correct availability. The variety of people you pick might impact availability. If different time slots are available, verify them after picking a green date. You can participate in events within scheduled hours at any moment through those hours.


The activity providers update the availability on an ongoing basis. If a date isn’t accessible for booking (perhaps because it’s too far in the future), try to get closer to the date. We do not have waiting lists, but things can change at the very last minute, so check our web page for the most accurate accessibility information.

6. Pricing and discounts

The “From” cost informs whether the price is for a person or a group and indicates the most affordable possible rate for the activity. Please be conscious that based on the activity date and selected option, the “From” cost may change between other factors. The price may vary depending on how many individuals are in your group. As such, the “From” fee is only crucial when a certain number of people are set aside for the activity.

We provide various fees for various generations based on the event (e.g., child, student, adult, senior). When you specify the number of participants on the activity page, the pricing options appear. You may need to click “Show more” to see the whole list. Tragically, we cannot support prices that vary based on other factors (such as discounts for veterans or people with problems).

For certain activities, specific age groups may access the event without charge, require no ticket, or necessitate a ticket reservation through alternative means (e.g., the attraction’s website or in-person). Suppose this pertains to the activity you are interested in. In that case, additional details will be provided as you select the number of participants and in the “Tour Plan” segment on the activity page.

7. Modifying an activity

Regrettably, customization of an activity is not feasible. Our capacity is limited to presenting an activity precisely as outlined on our website.

You might have particular requirements, we recommend consulting the ‘Destination’ article for guidance on locating activities that align with your specifications.

Activity Information

1. What is included in the tour activity?

To find out more about what is offered in an activity, go to the “Includes” area of the activity page. Usual inclusions and exclusions include things like snacks and drinks, tickets to the attraction, tour guides, lodging, and more. It’s essential to remember that depending on the option selected, some inclusions might change.

Pay attention to the activity’s “Full description” section for further details about the timetable. If you already reserved your activity and the necessary data is not easily obtained, please reach out to the trip provider ( Their contact information is listed in your booking confirmation.

2. Starting time

If you have tickets with a specific entry time, make sure to read the “tour details” section or check your ticket/voucher for information about any flexibility regarding the entry time.

For information about the beginning time or duration of operation for an event, select a date and then pick “Check availability.” If you have once organized your activity, your voucher will include this information.

3. Activity restrictions and requirements

To see an activity’s requirements and restrictions, please check the Tour Destination content or If you can’t find the details you’re looking for and you’ve already booked the activity, get in touch with the activity provider who organizes the activity. You’ll find their contact information in the confirmation of your booking or website contact page.

4. Travel restrictions related to COVID-19:

Check the official authority website(s) for where you are going, as local health rules and doorway procedures are subject to typical revisions. This will provide you the most current details about PCR tests, quarantine procedures, vaccine requirements, lockdowns, and other important details.

5. Group Capacity

Certain sellers for tours set a maximum number of people for a public tour. Reach out to the activity provider if following completing the reservation, you are still unable to locate what you need. You can find your voucher’s contact info there

6. Pet policy

Please read the “Probably not authorized” and/or “Know before you go” pages on the event’s page to figure out if you are allowed to bring your animal (e.g. a dog, cat, bird) together.

Please get in contact with the activity provider if you already purchased an activity as there is no mention of a pet policy on our website or app. Your booking notification provides their contact data.

7. Food and drinks

Please review the “Includes” tab on the activity’s page to find out if food and/or drinks will be included in your activity. Please be informed that the “Know before you go” section could have more details. Lunch or dinner can be picked as an add-on at checkout or as a substitute prior to adding the activity to the cart for particular events.

Booking and Payment Related Question

1. Booking confirmation and voucher

You will get an official PDF voucher carrying the Tours Travel Finder branding immediately as your reservation is finalized. 

You will get mail such as (THIS IS NOT YOUR ENTRY TICKET. Note: Don’t Use these tickets on attraction places or tours. This is an Auto-generated Ticket. You will receive a separate entry e-ticket and another email with full instructions)

Sometimes, notably for specific activities, the tour provider’s ticket will be sent in its place (see the ‘Ticket activation and validity’ article for further details on tickets).

The voucher includes all of the reservation data, like the lead passenger’s information, the address of the pickup or meeting point, the value of validity, the items you need to bring for the event, and the terms of cancellation for the activity you have booked. The voucher additionally has the contact information for Tours Travel Finder and the activity provider in case you require aid with your booking

2. Booking confirmation/voucher ( lost or not received)


A majority of our events offer quick confirmation, and as soon as you make a purchase, the voucher will be instantly mailed from to you. Often our emails appear in your spam folder, so just keep in mind to check there. You may get your voucher via the reservation page if you have set up an account with Tours Travel Finder. Please use the contact form below to let us know if a reservation was made using the wrong email address or if you have any trouble using the coupon. So feel free to call us or initiate a chat session if you require immediate inquiries.

3. Payment Method

American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are the credit cards that Tours Travel Finder accepts. Despite PayPal.

4. If you are unable to provide your personal information. What should you proceed with?

If you’re experiencing issues when filling in your details (name, email, phone), please try the following:

Double-check you’ve entered all your details correctly and attempt to proceed to the next step again

Meeting Point Information

1. Where can I find my meeting point information?

Before deciding on a purchase, Discover more details about the gathering spot under the “Meeting point” section of the activity page.

2. I’m late for my activity. What should I do?

Kindly notify the provider of the activity by phone if you are planning to be late for the meeting point or pick up a spot. You can find the phone number on your voucher. Reach out to them by phone or chat if you are failing to get in touch with the activity provider. You may reach us using the information provided at the bottom of this page.


Conditions for changes or cancellations are individual to each tour. You must read each tour’s “cancellation policy”; if it is stated, a refund will be granted within the time limit specified. However, no money back will be granted in the absence of a policy. You must cancel your reservation at least 24 hours in advance to be qualified for a full refund. The cash refund will be made using the original payment method from the original booking. Please keep in mind that the refund might not show on your debit card or account for up to 3-5 business days.

About TTF

An online source for pleasant travel encounters is Tours Travel Finder. As a dedicated platform, we are professionals at providing an array of journeys, attractions, and tours to make your holiday or weekend break even more enjoyable. We offer you an extensive array of activities, making sure that there is something that fits every traveller’s taste and preference by working with carefully selected activity providers from around the globe.

Using our simple-to-use website or app, you can quickly book your favourite activities. Once your booking is processed, you’ll receive a personalized PDF voucher with all of the details you need for an enjoyable trip.

Keep in mind that we do not offer travel packages, flights, or support with visas; instead, our sole focus is on activities. Only accommodation alternates are given for use with multi-day programs. Go explore the world with us while you have adventure and efficiency.

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