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Amsterdam is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands. The city is famous for its canals, with 165 of them in the old part of the city. These canals are individual, so UNESCO calls them a World Heritage Area. Amsterdam is also known as the “Bike Capital of the World” because of the different paths and bike lanes available throughout the city. The city has three famous museums: the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank House.

Anne Frank House: A museum devoted to the Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank, located in the house where she and her family hid during World War II.


Van Gogh Museum: The Van Gogh Museum illustrates the artist’s masterpieces and presents an in-depth survey of his rise as an artist, with works from different eras of his career on display. The museum aims to teach guests about Van Gogh’s life, his mental wellness problems, and the growth of his work of art.


 Madame Tussauds Amsterdam: Madame Tussauds Amsterdam allows you into the world of fame and sparkle. Pose for selfies with superstars, stand opposite world leaders, and marvel at the incredible mastery that brings these models to life. Madame Tussauds Amsterdam delivers a star-studded show that grabs visitors of all ages, from Hollywood emotions to athletics legends. In the heart of Amsterdam, immerse yourself in a world where a fairy tale meets real life, building lasting impressions and photo-worthy parts.


Rijksmuseum: The Netherlands’ national museum features an extensive archive of Dutch history and art, including works by Rembrandt and Vermeer.


Canal Ring: Get a canal cruise or stroll along the idyllic canals to learn about Amsterdam’s iconic canal ring, which UNESCO protects.


Dam Square: Amsterdam’s vital square, bounded by old structures such as the Royal Palace and the National Monument.


Vondelpark: A vast public space in the city, the center position is perfect for a soothing stroll, picnics, or various other outdoor pursuits.


Amsterdam Museum: Through a range of exhibits and antiques, it gives information about the town’s history and improvements.


The H’ART Museum: The H’ART Museum at the Hermitage Amsterdam attracts tourists through decades of artistic excellence. The vibrant museum, an outpost of the famous State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, displays an assortment of masterpieces from different times and traditions. The H’ART Museum accepts art enthusiasts and skeptics to take in the rich weaving of human innovation, with each display telling a distinct tale.


Body Worlds Amsterdam: Body Worlds Amsterdam guides you to the exciting world of the human body. This creativity museum in the middle of the city provides an unusual and informative visit. Actual human bodies are carefully maintained and exhibited through plastination, supplying an in-depth view into the body, health, and the intricate details of our insides. The shows at Body Worlds Amsterdam combine science and art, from the bones to carefully stored organs.


The National Maritime Museum:  The museum in Amsterdam’s famous Maritime District informs the fascinating tale of the Dutch maritime ability. Learn a fantastic trove of maritime objects of art, traditional ship models, and direction tools illuminating the Netherlands’ shipping time. The museum’s stunning collection highlights this nation’s naval creativity, business legacy, and navy adventures. The National Maritime Museum presents a fascinating path through generations of marine experience, from magnificent ships to multimedia displays.



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