Discovering the Paris Catacombs’ depths is like entering a secret realm rich in mystery and culture. Every traveler should have the opportunity to see this location, where innumerable skulls and bones preserve the past.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re considering embarking on an adventure through this captivating subterranean labyrinth. We’ll reveal the best places to purchase Paris Catacombs tickets in our guide, ensuring your trip is hassle-free and unforgettable. Nobody wants to gamble on buying shaky skip-the-line tickets or waste their precious vacation time standing in line.

Come along as we examine your ticket alternatives and determine which method is the most effective for obtaining your timed admission ticket straight from the Catacombs website. Together, we can ensure that your trip to the Paris Catacombs is smooth and memorable. Summon your bravery and delve into the world beneath Paris!

Where to Buy Paris Catacombs Tickets

How to Visit the Catacombs in Paris

You can easily reach the Denfert-Rochereau metro station using metro lines 4 or 6, the first step on your tour through the Paris Catacombs. After leaving the metro station, the Paris Catacombs entrance is only a short distance away, making it quite accessible. Further convenience is offered to individuals who choose public transit, such as bus routes 38, 68, 88, or 216.

When you reach the entrance, get ready for a 131-step drop into the underground area and a 112-step climb back up when ready to go back above ground. We highly recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance to guarantee a smooth and worry-free experience during your visit.

This will assist you in bypassing lengthy queues and securing your preferred entry time. Remember that the Catacombs are open every day from 9:45 am to 8:30 pm, excluding Mondays and public holidays, so schedule your visit appropriately to enjoy this unique experience fully.

1. Where to Buy Paris Catacombs Tickets: An Overview

We recommend getting your timed admission ticket straight from the official website for a worry-free visit to the Paris Catacombs. Booking online is highly recommended, unless the ticket is free of charge. The Catacombs are accessible Tuesday through Sunday, with the latest admittance occurring at 8:30 pm and admission beginning at 9:45 am.

Tickets are also available at the gate next to the Montparnasse cemetery. With our best price guarantee, book online to avoid the lineup, save time, and make the most of your trip to Paris!

2. What is the Entrance Fee for the Paris Catacombs?

The price of entering the Paris Catacombs varies according to eligibility and age. The ticket price is €16.00 for guests aged 18 to 26 and €18.00 for individuals aged 19 and above. Children under 17 and people with disabilities enter free of charge, and reduced-rate tickets are also available for €16.00.

An audio guide is included in the full-rate ticket of €29.00, while the reduced-cost ticket with an audio guide is €23.00. Entire 17 and under can enter for €10.00 without needing an audio guide.

You can look through several options to discover the best bargains and save up to 70% on Paris Catacombs tickets, check rates, and skip the line.

3. Can the Paris Catacombs Be Visited by the General Public?

Every day, save Mondays and public holidays, the Paris Catacombs are available to the Public. Hours of operation are 9.45 am to 8.30 pm, with the last admittance at 7.30 pm.

Although they try to serve a variety of audiences, it’s crucial to remember that those who use wheelchairs or have other special accessibility needs may experience difficulties while there.

4. How Far in Advance Can I Buy Paris Catacombs Tickets?

The Paris Catacombs only accept 200 people daily, so getting tickets might be difficult. You have the option to purchase tickets on the official website up to one week prior to your intended visit. But ticket brokers might let you purchase them a few weeks in advance.

It’s best to make reservations well—even months in advance—because there aren’t many same-day tickets, and Catacombs tickets usually sell out fast. Please be aware that buying tickets in advance does not guarantee bypassing the line.

Booking Your Catacombs Tickets

Purchasing your tickets online via the official website is highly recommended while organizing your trip to the Paris Catacombs. Booking online is highly recommended unless the tickets are free of charge. The Catacombs are accessible from Tuesday to Sunday, operating between 9:45 am and 8:30 pm, with the final entry permitted at 7:30 pm.

When you buy a timed ticket online, you can skip the queue and enhance your visit by gaining immediate entry during your selected time slot. This method guarantees you the most excellent price guarantee, which not only saves you time but may also save money.

In addition, you may look through several comparison websites to locate the best deals on guided tours, skip-the-line admission tickets, and other experiences at savings of up to 70%. Take advantage of the opportunity to discover this intriguing subterranean environment while planning a convenient and economical stay.

1. Paris Catacombs Tickets Price

Discounts and different entry fees are available at the Paris Catacombs. Visitors who are disabled or between the ages of 0 and 17 are admitted free of charge. Tickets are €16.00 for individuals 18 to 26 and €18.00 for those 19 and older.

You can purchase discounted tickets for €16.00. Children between the ages of five and seventeen can enter for €10.00 without an audio guide, while the full fee, which includes an audio guide, is €29.00. The reduced rate with an audio guide is €23.00. Under fives get in free of charge, based on ticket availability.

2. Paris Catacombs Last-Minute Tickets

The Paris Catacombs often offer a unique “last minute” ticket option that may be purchased at the box office the day of your visit if you’re seeking last-minute tickets. Furthermore, other websites, such as Get Your Guide, provide Catacombs tickets at the official website price, saving you money and possibly even include extras like audio guides for €29.

3. Paris Catacombs Student Price

The Paris Catacombs provide a discounted entrance for students between 18 and 26. The cost of admission is €16.00. With this deal, students may visit this unique underground attraction in the center of Paris at a reasonable price.

4. Can You Buy Catacomb Tickets at the Door?

You have the option to purchase Catacombs tickets at the entrance, near the Montparnasse cemetery, or you can buy them online. Tickets may be obtainable at the door. Therefore, purchasing them online in advance is best to prevent long lines and guarantee your desired entry time.

5. Where Can You Purchase Paris Catacombs Tickets Online?

You may buy tickets for the Paris Catacombs online via several different channels. Tickets can be purchased for €29 on the official website or for the same amount through Get Your Guide and Tiqets. Viator is selling tickets for €44.

It is highly suggested to make reservations online, particularly for timed entry, as this will help you avoid the large crowds and lengthy lines at the Catacombs entrance.

6. Where to Buy Paris Catacombs Tickets Cheap

If you want reasonably priced Paris Catacombs tickets, buy them online ahead of time. This option gives you access to possible discounts and promotions and allows you to avoid standing in line for a lengthy time.

You have the option to buy tickets on the official website, a reliable source for your ticketing needs. You can also look through other platforms for affordable prices and deals for your trip to the Catacombs of Paris.

Preparing for Your Visit

It would be best if you took a few essential actions in advance to guarantee a seamless visit to the Paris Catacombs. Prioritize your worries and create an essentials checklist first. Consider bringing along whatever facts you know about the city and the Catacombs.

At your appointment, try to unwind, divulge all pertinent medical information, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Partaking in relaxing pursuits such as deep breathing exercises, strolling, or listening to relaxing music will augment your pleasure.

Furthermore, make sure you have the address and phone number of the venue easily accessible, and identify any over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements you are currently taking.

1. How to Reach the Paris Catacombs

Go to Place Denfert-Rochereau in the Montparnasse neighborhood to access the Paris Catacombs. Denfert-Rochereau is the closest train station, and it’s easily accessible for guests via RER B, Metro line 4, or Metro line 6.

2. Practical Tips for Visiting the Catacombs

It is imperative to arrive early, preferably 20 to 30 minutes before opening, to avoid the crowd when visiting the Catacombs of Paris. It can be humid and wet below the earth, so wear comfortable and waterproof shoes.

Remember to wear warm clothing; the interior temperature is a steady 14°C (57°F). Finally, carry a flashlight to make the most of your experience—some parts have limited lighting—so you can fully appreciate this unusual site.

3. Buying Paris Catacombs Tickets Online

Buying your tickets online from the official website for a hassle-free visit to the Paris Catacombs is highly advised. The easiest method to guarantee admission, particularly for tickets with a time limit, is to book online to avoid the lineups.

The Catacombs’ Operating Hours are from 9:45 AM to 8:30 PM, Tuesday through Sunday, with the Last Admission Allowed at 7:30 PM. Easily explore the enigmatic subterranean realm by purchasing your tickets online.

4. How to Purchase Tickets for the Paris Catacombs?

Tickets for the Paris Catacombs can be bought at the gate on-site or, for added convenience, online in advance. Online tickets for last-minute events are available at a discounted rate (not valid during the summer) and cost €15 for adults and free for those under 18.

Buying them early in the morning is best because of their popularity. Adult advance tickets are €29, reduced-rate tickets are €27, and children’s tickets are €5.

5. Can You Buy Tickets at the Catacomb?

It is necessary to buy Catacombs of Paris tickets online in advance. Purchases made at the Door are no longer an option. Get Your Guide is a suggested ticketing platform that provides the ease of online booking and free cancellation.

6. Is It Necessary to Purchase Paris Catacombs Tickets in Advance?

You should purchase tickets from their official website to guarantee your admission to the Paris Catacombs. Although they guarantee your reservation, these advance tickets do not ensure you will skip the line.

Online reservation, typically seven days in advance, is the exclusive method for securing your spot. For added convenience, websites like Get Your Guide offer tickets with free cancellation. Tickets are only sometimes available on the day, so it’s best to plan to avoid disappointment.

7. What is the Cost of Tickets for the Catacombs in Paris?

The cost of Catacombs tickets in Paris varies based on eligibility and age. Those with disabilities and children ages 0 to 17 are admitted free of charge. 18 to 26-year-olds pay €16.00, while 19 and up pay €18.00. Reduced-rate tickets at €16.00 are also on offer.

Sites such as Get Your Guide frequently sell tickets for €29, the same price as the official website, and sometimes even include extras like audio tours. Different age groups may have different prices, and some might need adult companions.

8. When Can You Buy Catacomb Tickets?

You can conveniently purchase tickets for the Paris Catacombs online in advance or directly at the on-site gate. On the day of your visit, you can purchase discounted, last-minute internet tickets (except for the summer months), although they usually sell out fast.

Since tickets are usually available on the official website up to one week before your planned visit, we strongly suggest making an online reservation.

9. How Long Is the Wait for Paris Catacombs?

At the Paris Catacombs, wait times might change from season to season. It takes at least one hour in regular seasons but up to three hours during the holidays.

Getting your tickets well in advance is highly advised to avoid lines and make the most of your visit. At any given time, the Catacombs can accommodate a maximum of 200 visitors.

10. How Do You Skip the Line at the Paris Catacombs?

Booking a quick-access ticket online is preferable to avoid the line and save a significant amount of time waiting at the Paris Catacombs. Visiting around 6 pm can also be advantageous for avoiding crowds.

Online booking is still the best option for a more seamless experience, even with skip-the-line tickets, which may still include a brief wait in line with other customers who have reservations for the same time slot. Tuesday through Sunday is when the Catacombs are open for business.

11. Do Any Paris Passes Include the Catacombs?

Standard admission to the Catacombs is not included in Paris Passes like the Paris Museum Pass. Some travel cards can include savings on metropolitan attractions, which might lower the price of a Catacombs ticket. It’s best to see if the pass you currently own or plan to buy has any benefits for the Catacombs by carefully reading the terms and features of the pass.

Making the Most of Your Visit

It’s imperative to make advance plans if you want your visit to the Catacombs in Paris to be genuinely enjoyable. Avoid the frequently long lines by purchasing your tickets online in advance, making the process go more smoothly and effectively.

It is possible to escape the busiest times of day by arriving early in the morning or around 6 pm. Wearing appropriate walking shoes and comfy clothing is a good idea because the subterranean area might be damp and uneven.

Use an audio guide to improve your comprehension of this exceptional site further. It would be best to thoroughly tour the fascinating catacombs to understand their artistic and historical value.

1. Is Exploring the Catacombs of Paris a Must-Do?

There’s no question that a visit to Paris’s Catacombs is truly worth it. It’s a historical and artistic engineering marvel with access to private regions provided by guided tours. The experience offers an exciting and exciting window into the city’s underground history.

2. Is Catacombs Free for Kids?

In Paris, admission to the Catacombs is free for kids under five. There is a kid rate of 10€ for those between the ages of 5 and 17, although the audio guide is not included in this price. Children can enter for free on the day of the visit, but they will not be provided with an audio guide.


Exploring the Paris Catacombs’ depths promises a fantastic voyage into a mysterious and historically rich world. Make advance plans and buy tickets online via the official website to guarantee the smoothest possible visit. In addition to saving you time in line, this also ensures the most fantastic pricing.

A one-of-a-kind and breathtaking adventure awaits you as you descend the 131 stairs into this underground realm and rise the 112 steps when it’s time to emerge. Every day save Mondays and public holidays, the Catacombs are open to the Public from 9:45 am to 8:30 pm, with the final admittance occurring at 7:30 pm.

The cost of tickets varies according to age and eligibility; children under 17 and those with disabilities enter free of charge. Adult admission prices vary from €16.00 to €29.00, according to the choice of audio guide. Students between the ages of 18 and 26 can take advantage of discounted prices, which makes this an excellent chance for younger students to discover this hidden gem.

Although tickets can be purchased at the Door, it is best to purchase them online to guarantee your desired entry time and prevent disappointment. The Catacombs can only hold a certain number of people each day, and especially at busy times of the year, tickets tend to sell out fast.

To get the most out of your visit, arrive early, dress comfortably and wear walking shoes. Consider using an audio guide to help you better comprehend this unique destination. Whether you’re interested in art history or are just looking for a unique experience, a trip to the Paris Catacombs will give you an enthralling look into the obscure facets of the City of Light’s past. I confidently embarked on this underground journey to discover the mysteries hidden beneath Paris’ streets.